Thursday, February 16, 2012


hello all!

sorry delay buat entry pasal baju.
my nikah baju was prettily made by Qudyn Aziz.
like seriously, with the price he offered, i couldn't complaint any.
he's so proffesional.
my kain and the sketch he kept in a clear plastic.
dia mmg buat macam tu utk semua client so takde masalah like some other designers.
.. ada yg lupa sketch asal macamana la, ada yg lupa kain mana client punya, ada yg hilang terus!

anyway, ada cerita di sebalik baju nikah i...
when i datang utk first fitting.
it's plain-- very pretty oso!!!

second fitting i datang, i terkejut beading warna hijau ok?!
qudyn was not in town, yang ada a few assistants of his.
they're soooo helpful and accommodating.
i told them, i don't like the beading.. so they asked me, "uols nak macamana sebenarnya?"
so i explained.. yada yada yada...

the next week i datang balik...
PLING!!! the baju sangatlahhhhh cantikkkk!
and they changed the beading 100%!!!
from chunky green beads to pearls and crystals. wallah!
then qudyn tanya pakai accesories apa? i kata i pakai sendiri punya. i nak simple and classy, takmo jurai2.
pastu he asked "kasut?"
i said... i bought a silver stuart weitzman but utk letak atas hantaran... so for nikah i have no shoes :(
then qudyn pointed at a pair of bling-bling shoes.. "u muat tak kasut tu?"
so i pun try... yippie! mmg muat! size 7!
(kasut ayu raudhah yg meletops tu! sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

so itulah ceritanya pasal qudyn! sila tempah dekat dia! highly reccomended!!!

email him! :


the designer + the pearls, swarovski. glass beads and crystals

the attire whole view

veil and slimming effect side drape

kain + bling-bling shoes + drapes baju lagi!

the baju

slimming effect nikah attire in black & white

i loveeeeee!!!


  1. cantik! very simple yet classy. does qudyn take order utk non-wedding dress too? sbb i dah kawen..hehe

    oh, btw i'm ur silent reader ;)

  2. Inspired from baju tunang Shereen ya, Miss X? Cantik!

  3. Cantek sgt Yuyu!!! Kite teringin nak wat design mcm ni lepas tgk Yuyu pnye baju :) hikhik..oh everything mcm fits perfectly on your day :) congrats!!!

  4. sofiahas: awww thank you dear!:)

    reen:siapakah itu? qudyn yg design dear.. i cum kata i nak pearls and crystals jek :)

    senorita: thank you dear... i ni chubby. so bila qudyn boleh buat baju that gives illusion of a slimmer me... terus suka! :)

  5. cantik sgt miss X.. ayu punya kain still dlm bag tue.. belum decide nk tempah kat sape..
    anyway, cgrats ya!
    nanti nk pg jumpe Qudyn jugak, mane tau dpt ctk mcm miss X. :)

  6. i pon suka sgt qudyn, time nikah n reception insyAllah i nak hire dia ;)

  7. ayu: thank you dear!

    fatin: please do... qudyn and staff semua baik2 belaka!