Thursday, February 2, 2012



we tied the knot last november but tak pegi honeymoon lagi.
being me -- who has loved planning all my life, saya sudah plan semua since august last year.

DONE (KL pre-honeymoon)
1) November - Carcosa Seri Negara 3days 2nights
2) December - Pacific Regency 3days 2nights
3) January - Nomad Sucasa 2days 1night

- ALL apartment-like hotel (except carcosa)... oh we had fun exploring ;p , u should too! :)

1) February - Indonesia
2) March - Singapore
3) April - Tokyo
*all booked! yippie!

I can't wait for our Tokyo honeymoon trip! i've been to countries in the middle east, europe, africa... but not Japan! if u have any tips, or any of u readers stay in Japan, i would appreciate ur kind help! me and husband will stay in Shibuya, Tokyo :)



  1. Eh! What a coincident! Husband and I will be going to Japan to in April. When are you going, if you don't mind me asking.

    Also, again, if you don't mind, I'll email you some travel places and tips to go! :)

  2. wow. bestnya :)
    have a nice honeymoon.

  3. tokyo best! tapi prepare duit byk2 sebab makan pun mahal...and sampai sana terus beli kad train dia (mcm touch n go)...senang naik train nanti...boleh tgk kat fb Putri ada album(We are friends =))...jangan naik cab mahal!

  4. Fie: places to go my mum dah bg some insights She stayed there for 6months back then sbb ada training years ago. Anyway kami brtolak ke sana 24th april dear :)

    Fariza: hopefully! I ni lemag sikit dgn less englisg speaking country...

    Putri: huhu my mum pun suruh beli suica... Cab utk pegi balik airport je... Ok lg lah, around rm270 per trip. Sbb luggage ni i tak kuasa nak angkut... I think same pricr he the cab dgn uk. Kat london lagilah i tak naik underground langsung, all places pakai driver..

  5. Nyway putri, comel sungguh awak... Baru sedar ada dlm list fb missX. Muka awak comel :)

  6. Wowww.. seronoknyaa... Semoga semua perancangan honeymoon berjalan lancar..dan..jgn lupa upload gambaq kat blog nih nohh.. :) hehe..!!

    p.s : chek nie silent reader blog awak..suka baca coretan blog awak nihh..byk info dan idea yg chek dapat.. :)

  7. hi! i live in Japan, But will be going back to malaysia for holiday on april 25th.I think, my only tip is don't ask questions in full english sentences. As for me Suica tu takdela important sgt coz its not that hard to buy the tickets. But if you wanna save time, and love to plan ahead why not :)Oh and if you use iphone and plan to roam it overseas, u can dload this one app called hyperdia, senang for changing trains lanes etc.have fun! enjoy sakura!:)

  8. Cik senah: baik... Nanti i share naaa :)

    Blogger: haha do not know how to address u coz tak reti baca kanji. Anyway, that's d first time i dgr tips not to ask question in full english! Very useful! My mum and some japan graduate friends advise mr to live in shibuya dats y amik suica so can turun every stop along the way shibuya-asakusa. Ada yg suruh i spend a little more pegi kyoto... Huhu

  9. Hi Ms. X..and Syaimaa..
    How long u'll be here. 24th April tu mcm dah nak abis sakura. Hope masih sempat lagi that time.Nice timing pon sedap.and what syaimaa said is very correct..iphone is so much in need for survival:P can use english but use the simplest word.
    1 thing for sure, u could never get enough of Tokyo^_^

  10. 1destination each month is exciting..!! bestnyaaa.. :D

  11. MissX pun sangat comel dah tgk gmbr dekat Bak! eh yuyu kalau sampai awal kat airpot kalau tanak balik hotel dulu boleh jer simpan kat train station byk locker ...and please pegi Disneysea dia sangat best ..

  12. miss X,

    you've picked one of the best season to visit japan. just in time for sakura :)

    if you need directions just ask the staffs or anyone around you. they are very helpful. one time during my first year here, the staff even walked me to the correct platform :)

    enjoy the food, enjoy the scenery, enjoy shopping and bring lots of money!!

    ps: kouhei and i will be going home for our wedding in april. if you have any questions, just ask k!

  13. ops sorry .haha im Syaima. yup kalau u tanya full nanti diorg tak paham.:) If u want to jalan2 byk tempat in one day, boleh try cari tokyo tokunai pass sthing like that kot, for one whole day,or tokyo tour pass (both for JR only). sometimes more affordable to use that. If im not mistaken, Suica is just like a prepaid card, u can stop along the way but still pay the same amount at every exit. tapi def easier la kalau u nanti nak tgk2 map dia nak cari kena beli tiket berapa yen susah jugak :)Kyoto is a whole different thing than tokyo, full of temples and stuffs, if minat can go, if not, Tokyo is more than enough to be explored :)anyway im bias coz i love tokyo ;p

  14. kyoto sgt nice. I went there for my rasa traditional japan.

  15. Wani: 9 days dear... Both me and husband pakai iphone... :) boleh la google maps before keluar hotel.. Haritu waktu wedding konon2 concept sakura, so honeymoon pun konon2 musim sakura.. But as u mentioned, harap sempat.. Coz selalunya awal april the sakura trees bloom kan?

    Renee: but the quest stops april la... If sampai hujung tahun pengsan.. Tgh foa bonus tv3 meletops this year :))

    Putri: oh anotha useful tips incase tak cukup tangan! :) thank u my dear!!

  16. Cicayanki: thank u dear..i hope we have no problem finding the halal restaurants my friend listed out for husband is not the adventurous type when it comes to eating. :))

    Syaima: itulah.. I think tokyo has so much to offer, 9days def not enough to go kyoto, kansai and what not sbb nak i busy benor nak cover at least half drpd tokyo place of interests. Any idea where is siddique restaurant in shinjuku? I hope its not far from shinjuku jr station.. Little paths and lanes sure give me headache, kalau along the way jalan besar sure easy.

    Cieri: itula.. I wish we stay there for 2weeks, baru puas jalan! But, we'll see how things go.. :))

  17. Miss X: Siddique restaurant is near to the mosque in Shinjuku. Go out of Shinjuku station and go to passed the streetcar lane. Just walk through the path and look carefully for mosque. Dekat je dgn station. Good luck!

  18. Wani: awwwwww thank u soooo much!!! Yahoo!!!

  19. i loooveeee japan!!! good choice. and it's sakura blooming season kan? u definitely need to spend some time away from tokyo. last time i went to kyoto, osaka, hiroshima, okayama, and few small2 places la. i like kyoto; very traditional. but osaka got nice food!!!! omg please try the okayama peach- suppperrr oiishiiii!!!!

    ok sorry, i love jap food so much! and all i can recall about those places i've been to-would be associated to their food +_+" hahahahaha.

    have fun!