Sunday, February 26, 2012


hello all!
as u know, i opted for orchids utk my nikah ceremony.

well, i don't have a pelamin.
just a couch with mirrored flower stands on my left and right (saya DIY), and two tall jars of the pretty huge white orchids.

i arranged the couch and small furniture myself (eh tipu, i instructed the oh-so-friendly-and-nice carcosa men did all for me. thank you)

phalaenopsis is expensive. go to any flower shop, one stalk will cost u... RM48- RM60! (tgk quality and grade)..... seriously!

for phalaenopsis in tall-clear-trumpet vase, shayra quoted RM360 per vase....
so, kalau feeling 10 vases RM3600 la.... haha
but don't worry! u can negotiate with her a lil more, she's so baik...
...she quoted me reasonable price...! yikes!

so,presenting my phalaenopsis flower deco:--

single :))

on each table... also my sarung cincin area

candy buffet by TWH, kind-hearted shayra tolong letak yellow carnation in my mirrored vases. yahoo!

for phalaenopsis deco like above, call SHAYRA at: 011.12881092
for candy buffet like above, email:

honestly b2b, i tell u... do not spend 5k or more for ur pelamin nikah.
you sit there for 30minutes, then u mingle with family members and friends....
erk... unless u and ur wedded husband wanna spend the whole night and sleep there.... :)
i guess other BRIDES who hv went through the process sure hv to agree with me... kan?
been there, done that -- we tend to get overexcited on weddings, but after the ceremony, u'll look back and whisper to urself "pelamin nikah sampai RM5k, baik aku beli TV plasma... boleh dapat 4 biji" BETUL TAK? renung-renung kan..... :))


  1. Agree, I spend about 1.8k
    But itu pun dah include meja beradab and baju for groom and accessories. Hehhh