Sunday, September 5, 2010


Ok hai korang!!! ini multiple choice question tau!

Siapakah photographer pilihan anda:-

A) nazim zafri
B) syahrin aziz
C) ikram ismail
D) saiful nang
E) lain-lain (sila nyatakan)

Sila jawab please!!! Tengs!

*ps: saya akan privatekan blog pada 8 SEPT 2010. Thank you.


  1. ACD!

    pls add me in your list.. whitelacetale[at] :D

  2. Daniel Zain. he's one of the best professional photographer.

    if i were u, i wud pick dz or nz. both sgt professional & full of manners too. thank u!

  3. the CS clan is always up with new ideas. TAk rugi amik diorang. i suka saiful even if PR dia sucks. He's still good.Kadang2 gambar dia whimsical and i still remember WLT's shot of her ring during her nikah HAHA. If you like dangling feet and such then SN is perfect.

    Ikram cantik if you love clean cut pics and straightforward. I heard he has like a thick book full with photos on how to pose if you dont know how to HAHA. and his price pon reasonable kan?

    other than that ada banyak sangat!! i love wow ph*to, they are underrated but very good. a lot of editing though.

    what about kudegraphy? HE IS EXCELLENT!

    theres this one more that i love but i cant seem to remember his name huhu.

    photographers dah macam cendawan dah yang.kan?

  4. D ) saiful nang definitely!! but not sure i can afford him!but for satisfaction maybe.. kene kumpul duet!! heheh but his pic mmg besh!

    E) Daniel Zain- picture hebat juga! cantik2!
    Mukhriz Latif - pun besh!
    my fren said approach dia
    lain dr yang lain
    Fad Manaf- if u opt for
    old school n creative n unique he's the
    one! and very affordable!!

  5. vote 4 sifu saiful nang!

    (psttt! kalo I mampu, dah lama hire dia.. huhu... you bole kot... =))

  6. M taking Nazim Zafri & Rashdi Amin :-)

    Suka kerja dia orang, and both cepat jugak reply e-mails. Hopefully keluar album pun cepat jugak la he he

  7. Mintak add skali in your blog invitation list boleh?

    Thanks! :-)

  8. saiful nang
    my other choice is bakri hafiz hisyam..

  9. saya agak menyukai :


  10. dear i fully recommend daniel zain...just visit his will see some amazing wedding photos there..

    p/s: dont forget to include me in your private list..heheheh...

  11. i vote for shutterspeak. they have a niche for making a photo, perspective-ly awesome. affordable too..! :)

  12. aween rashdan !!!!!!!!...
    from photoaura...

  13. OP masa sy tunang!!! Reza Hassan...ha3

  14. errr..brandom lim?hehe..he's not as famous as the other photographer since he's just a freelance,but die ounye work I tell you..cantiikkkkkk n pro sgt!die x pnh lg buat malay events but die excited sgt kalo diberi peluang. Kalo terasa nak tgk hasil kerja die just go :!/Brandon.LLW

    and price sgt reasonable okay.

  15. Kalau private, jangan lupa jemput aini tau. Photographer pilihan. Hemm??? Janggut Touch kot kalau kat Ipoh ni.

  16. omigod i have the same exact prob. but mine is constrict because of budget as well. seem that u have saiful nang in your list, (he is my ultimate dream wedding photographer) but i cant afford him, why dont u choose him? he is the candid syndrome founder and he is real good plus you can guarantee your photo will be beautiful!

  17. saiful nang..bcoz i suka candid moment =)

    miss x, include me in ur list tau.hehe

  18. Aween rashdan from photoaura.. Semua pic yg dia amik superb! N paling penting affordable.. The photographer also cute! Hehehe..

  19. Hello dear,

    If you want someone professional, good attitude, good PR, good manners, quick at replying mails and can layan all your questions, these are my recommendations:

    1) Nazim Zafri - I swear he is the nicest guy ever!
    2) Daniel Zain - I hantar email malam, esok pagi dia dah reply. Very accommodating.
    3) Kudegraphy - The pictures just speak volume. Both Kude and Ili are very nice people but sayangnya, they are moving out of Malaysia already :(

  20. I prefer syahrin from ur list.. but my budget not that much so i opt for rashdi from peveyhack punye service.. to me he's good.. CS is quite a big team.. many ideas..but die punye charges for even senior photographer quite big sum jugak la to me.. i think avicenna is quite good too.. shutterspeak pics are great but i'm not so sure of the final album.. madebyepik is quite ok too..but if I have higher budget.. I definitely go for syahrin..

  21. hey there Miss X.

    i thought ive commented but it went missing. anyway, i came across your blog via other b2bs. i'm fairly, if not very, new here in the wedding blog circuit. but if i may say, you have one of the most informative wedding blogs i've ever read. in fact, your blog have by & large, helped me see what goes in when it comes to preparing for weddings. for that, i thank you for all the tips and pointers you have kindly published in your entries.

    that said, i hope i can still read yr blog in future. my email add is

    thanks :)

    ps: i love DZ's and Anna-Rina's works. she is awesome.

  22. dear..i love to read ur blog..pls invite me..

  23. hie dear.. hasil dr cuci mata sewaktu xder kerja.. i prefer (E)..

    pilihan pertama : Daniel Zain; after tgk pics wedding sabby.. am like.. masyaAllah.. cantiknya.. gambar cantik.. org nya pun mmg cantik.. his picture btl2 menterjemahkan kebahagian raja&ratu sehari.. :)

    pilihan kedua: abhar & fariz from weddingbellsphotos.. :)heart the work from mereka.. sgt2 amazed..

    gud luck darling in ur searching for the OP.. :))

  24. acaii jawe ke...rashdi amin ke... or else Daniel Zain!

  25. my personal favorites would be kudegraphy, fadmanaf and taufiq shariff. i am more lean towards the old school, vintage and soft tones photos!

  26. dear can i be on ur reader list please? :D ur blog is very informative

    thanks :)

  27. i like udey ismail! cun bangett!

  28. i'll go for DANIEL ZAIN. he's the best babe. i love his angle, i love his style, i love his clean and white space usage :D

  29. i agree with moose. =) i love kude and taufiqshariff. erm, from ur list, i pilih nazim zafri and ikram ismail.