Saturday, May 28, 2011


Weeeehoooo i flipped over my blog pages and realized i have not share anything about my w-day baju... Let me start with me sharing my dream dress.

I always wanted a lace ivory dress since i was a little girl.. Something classic. Something like kate's but not the same design cuma penggunaan lace on top of d dress. I know cliche but.. That's the way i like it :)

So, i believe in rizman ruzaini creating my wedding dress. I cant stop promoting the duo on my blog and friends around me. Rizman especially is such a sweetheart. I know they are kinda pricey but again, rizman is so sweet...

The making of my reception dress:--
- 6meters ivory silk chiffon (binwani's rm38 per meter)
- 2.25meters / 1panel french lace (silk road mayestik, jakarta Rp2.5 juta)
- lining 4meters georgette (jakel rm9.80 per meter)

1) why 6meters silk chiffon instead of 4m?
If you intend to buat kain meleret, kenalah beli 6meters. Itu tak termasuk veil lagi, veil another 1 meter. Jadi, total is 7meters (kalau nak ada veil). Logiknya, kalau beli 4meters je feeling baju raya je la sbb bygkan on our big day haruslah nk pakai heels kan? Kalau beli 4meter je, terjungkit la kain dek non...

2) why only one panel lace, kenapa tak beli 4meters?
Apa kau ingat nak head to toe pakai lace, dah macam langsir karang.... So if nak letak lace atas chiffon utk bhagian atas je, 2.25m tu mmg fah cukup. Kat indon french lace jual by panel, one panel mmg 2.25m...anyway, itu kalau nak buat top of the dress pakai lace.. Kalau nak patch je lagi jimat. 1meter pun cukup. Seriously.

3) why georgette not satin?
Haha i always dislike satin due to the kilat nature. I pnah buat baju function guna chiffon and satin as lining. Although satin bahagian dlm, waktu amik gambar sian i tgk baju chiffon i ala2 ada effect kilat in d photos. Choyyyyy! So georgette it is, kainnya ala chiffon tapi tebal sikit and kain tu jatuh seiringan dengan the chiffon.

Baju macamaba yabg i nak?
Type: long dress
Cutting: mermaid (tak suke gown kembang)
Applique: lace, swarovski focus dkt waist shj, simple. Takmo norak all over baju. wrapped buttons.
Neckline: v-neck
Back: semi bareback with wrapped buttons
Veil: simple. Chiffon patch lace at d middle only

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  1. ok..tak sabar tgk baju miss x made by the duo! =)

  2. i tak penah tau or tgk kain georgette la babe.nt share.*buta jenis kain haha*u br describe dlm blog tp i dh terbyg2 dah.ivory is nice!!!

  3. hye darl...suka baca blog kamu...
    exchange link dgn kamu...tq dear~

  4. Hana: baik baik nanti saya visit dorg saya update!

    Lisa: dear, georgette tu mcm chiffon but tebal sikit but tak selembut chiffon...

    Nout: thank you darl nanti i pi jengah ur blog.