Wednesday, May 11, 2011


a few months back, i received a msg from my neighbour back then in 1995-1998.
lama kan? i darjah 5 kot!
hahahah so she told me that she's getting married.
we chat via facebook most of the time--- wedding-talk.
until a month before her big-day she asked me a favor to prepare her bridal shower at Fullhouse Yap Kwan Seng.
so i did at a 'special price' sbb dia neighbour i versi jejak kasih!
a baby pink table-spread for the long table, colourful candle holders + candles.
bachelorette sash, balloons, funny glasses, magic wand, and tiara for eveyone!
i also prepared favors and a small candy buffet for her bridal shower. (shopp i only prepare S candy buffet for certain people coz TWH starts from M size)
i grabbed some photos from kak husna's FB, having fun with her friends! :)

tiara for everyone n long-table deco

ok, they started makan2 meja dah semak, but they had fun i guess! (di hujung sana candy buffet kecil itu with balloons deco)

the girls, termasuk blogger, Dalila Mian!

haha so kak husna dah kahwin... :)
she's a detail-type of person too aka a bridezilla!
but on a positive note, kak husna pandai cari tempat yang murah2.
her card was prettily embossed-- and she got it at RM1!!! yerp, dekat brickfields katanya!
her baju i love--- by Unaisah Azlan.
her make-up to die for... smokey eyes with dark-tone lipstick by diyana shukor! (kak husna is naturally pretty... make-up enhanced that pretty face :)
anyhuuuu, congratulations my neighbour zaman kecik! love ya!

look at the top, terletak kan? the beads sgt cantik too.. penuh!

the very beautiful kak husna with very beautiful make-up. i like!

congratulations akak jiran!



  1. haloo.thanks for mentioning u tau ke mane satu i..hihi?

  2. girlnextdoor: kan??? mmg cantik!

    dalila: awaklah yg comel! baju baby pink ruffle2 di depan tu :)

  3. thanks huda for the post :)its really an honour to be reviewd by miss x ;).when u first told me,i tot ure gonna do comparison of makeup prices n their work like u did in ur previous entries on designers.i really wasnt expecting this!thank u for everything n the really nice and decorative candy buffet frm The Wedding Heaven. Everyone (including me of course!)loved it :)

  4. Kak husna: hahahaha don't mention. U deserve an entry bcoz of ur pretty face, pretty wedding n pretty kepochi! Bantu we arrange a kepochi session k? Music!

  5. yup..i make-up husna masa bertandang..kulit die sangat licin dan cantik...thanks mention my name.. =)

  6. girl next door: dia mmg cantikkkkk

    DS: mmg superb make-up u dear..