Tuesday, October 25, 2011


* credit to the beautiful couple; bride & groom*

berkahwin di laman rumah pengantin prempuan in the United States, guna garden chair je with beautiful flower deco. sgt intimate.

ayu berselendang and beautiful ukiran henna. beautiful couple.

look at the luscious flowers. the bride beautifully pakai kebaya songket, rantai doko 3tingkat. effortlessly beautiful... and it's undeniable dat the bride mmg cantik.

dengan kehadiran both parents bride&groom, and the grandmother/nenek --i bet. Having the elderly on ur special occasion-- sangat intimate. couldnt ask for more. seriously. they have such a beautiful family.

i bet this attire untuk cake cutting. tukar after the beautiful solemnization.


i was browsing my friend's page when i saw beautiful photos of his best friend kahwin with this pretty Malay girl who actually resides in Florida, US. The bride & groom-- both Melayu i think or kacukan melayu. i do not know the beautiful bride, and she definitely tak kenal i pun... but i can't help myself to write about her beautiful wedding and share with u girls.

their wedding sgt intimate... i love intimate weddings attended by a bunch of people i love-- close family and friends only.

like seriously, never in my life ever dream of a grand wedding. mmg i suke something intimate. it touches the softest spot in my heart. maybe if orang tgk saya, ramai sangka saya mahukan majlis grand besar-besaran----they're absolutely wrong. all i want is a small-beautiful wedding. mmg dari kecil macam ni yang saya nak. u can go back to my older posts-- like how i always wanted. intimate wedding.

ok back to this beautiful wedding, i don't know the girl, but pernah jumpa the guy sekali-dua--- mututal friends. but oh-my-goodness..... the wedding is simply beautiful, beautiful and beautiful.

jovial laughing faces, they smiled ear-to-ear, honest photos, all-sincere looking guests, simple deco with beautiful personal touch--- betul2 macam yang i impikan.

insyaAllah~~~ i will get the chance of my own. My guests for nikah is limited to 60pax only, :)) as requested by myself. Mmg betul2 keluarga dan kawan rapat sahaja. Perancangan ni dah dipersetujui kedua pihak since i bertunang 14 March 2010. Alhamdulillah. Asalnya 50pax je ok?... dah dekat ni tambah lagi 10org, jadi 60pax. Final.

On the wedding reception, i rest my case. Bonda n ayahanda have the veto power, saya turutkan sahaja since i have decided anything related to the nikah is solely on me. fair. afteralli trust my parents. thay have a believable taste :) seriously.


yuyu aziz

*berapa banyak BEAUTIFUL dalam entry ni. can i add another? BEAUTIFUL!!!
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  1. u can say it over and over again dear..BEAUTIFUL!.. hehe..;p i love the fact that even they're staying in US they still maintain our malay culture..siap pakai songket lagi hokay..?! nice tone of yellow n her handbouquet is gorgggg.. :) last dress is oso divineeeee.....

  2. renee: im so in love with her wedding -- and like u said, im glad to see the bride wearing kebaya songket, inai , rantai doko and all...sgt cantik. chopp renee, u dah dpt my invi? ;)

  3. yes i did dear..tqvm!! rasa very2 honoured to be part of ur big day :D i'll definitely will attend..da dekat sgt ngan umah FIL..hehe..will sms rsvp asap ya.. ;)

  4. Awwwwww i purposely posted the cards to 5bloggers without notifying, konon2 surprise la ;p oh please rsvp... i rasa 250invi i bagi baru 60 rsvp. Kawan2 i yg lain duk cari kain nak tempah baju tp sms rsvp tidak lagi walhal thats how i nak determine they're coming. But my coordinator ckp on 2nd nov dia akan notify semua guests yg tak rsvp lg.

  5. Wow, such a good-looking couple!

  6. wah.. cantiknya pasangan ni. simple and sweet je. =)

  7. The most beautiful wedding I have ever seen.. =(

  8. oshinz: kan? pretty couple...

    hanie: i know! saya pun nak begini. alhamdulillah untuk nikah mmg parents saya faham apa yang saya nak...

  9. Salam Yuyu, I've been following the bride's sister's blog for quite sometimes and indeed the wedding was BEAUTIFUL! She has mixed blood and if i'm not mistaken, it was her father's request the solemnization to be held there. Not long after that, the father passed away :( Anyway, you should see the full set of photos and oh ya, the bride pakai baju songket tabur nenek die on her engagement day, how sweet kan!!

  10. this is farah, cousin sazzy falak. memang cantik kacukan mat salleh. the husband is a pilot. kahwin very simple tp sgttttt intimate like u said. anak die maya pun comel

  11. this is my dream wedding too....i yang tak de kena mengena pun so touched tengok