Monday, October 31, 2011


Date: 30th October 2011
Venue: Duchess Place, Ampang
Pelamin + caterer : Duchess Place, Ampang
Make-up: Sue Cantik
Attire: Unaisah Azlan

Hello hello!
I was at dalila's wedding reception--- as her wedding emcee.
i love everything about her majlis--- stunning deco, awesome dress, pretty make-up and... everything!!!

but first and foremost----
Look at her shoes girls!!!! it's Manolo Blahnik uols~~~~! *envy*

i swear semua benda cantik.
when i first stepped in the occasion venue; i was so jakun macam budak kecik.
I have been to many luxurious weddings --- but dalila's wedding mmg special sbb the hall tak tinggi sangat, and the deco penuh!! so nampak sangat detail and somewhat intimate.
and the white chairs~~~~~~ drop dead gorgeous!
Sangat suka!

And people, her pelamin is simply gorgeous kan? i love it so much!
what more with 5 chandeliers on top!
Dalila has such great taste~~~!!!
tak sia- sia plan for so long, her wedding was a real success!!!

congrats dila!
*hugs & many many hugs*



  1. myohmyomyyy...oh the white deco..oh the white lace..oh duchess place..oh the the beautiful dress.. oh verangannnnn...i also absolutely love this wedding..!! :)

  2. wallaawwweeeeyyyyyy!!! terbaik ah wedding sis dalila ni. =)

  3. assalamualaikum yuyu,

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  4. oooh....i saw pic bride.. n groom in my fren BBM dp. jadi emcee ke? bole jd emcee wedd i nanti :P

  5. saya berada di sana dan saya setuju dgn kata2 yuyu ni. cantik sanggatt!nak kawen lagi bole?hikhikk

  6. yuyu laling.. pls accept ohmaiwedding's offer.. i followed their works mmg cute+chantek2 sumaa..rezeki jgn ditolak... hhehe happy 4u.. :)

  7. wow, the pelamin =)