Monday, November 8, 2010


ok, since my first flight naik airasia last December, i honestly think it's not that bad as mum used to scare me all the time.She is pro-MAS, so forgive her... and the fact that she's entitle for loads of cimb enrich points that... in a way allows her to pamper self at the golden lounge, bc, and what not, so in a simple word... she hates airasia. but seriously i don't mind :)

anyway, the kinda help i need from u sounds really absurd.

but.... ya, i was over excited (obsess) with airasia's dirt cheap tickets price so i bought 8 tickets in total (4journeys). i booked them in August. but.... now i don't know how to get the booking number! i totally lupa the date, booking number, and mail i signed in! the few thing i ingat are my destination and defnitely my name! that's it! tu je!

i've checked all 3 e-mails i have, but none of them keep the record of the bookings. sad. damn.

SO, HOW????
how am i supposed to get my travel itirenary and how in the world can i book hotel room without a freaking date???
ps: can i just call AirAsia, say my name and get all the 4 booking number? erk..


  1. when u purchased the tickets didnt u print out the confirmation slip? if u still remember the email u using then u can ask for a new password. if not try check ur flight without sign in tp i think it still need ur destination and date of travel.

  2. miss x, i think you can try call AA and use yr ic or passport #. not so sure if this method works but definitely no harm trying. good luck!

  3. ala kesian, sama mcm kes my friend la ni..
    boleh kol je airasia tu, provided u gave them ur IC no masa booking tu..

    sungguh jalan2 ni, jelesnyerrr..

  4. i think if you give them ur name and ic number, they should be able to track all those travel itineraries. i mean, since ic number is unique to 1 person only kan?

  5. you kena call and bgtau nama n ic you ..and you bgtau how u purchase ticket tu ader tak acc kat airasia?i mean member kat airasia kan every ticket yg u purchase ader kat acc tu i pernah kena .. :( gyud luck!

  6. Miss X, send me your full name, passport number @ and i will try and help. thanks

  7. dia punya call charges mahal! u can chat with them online. ive done it twice & they can help out online..quite convenient to be chatting especially if at work, tak payah tunggu kat phone lama2.

  8. omyogd thank you girlsssssssssssssssssss! sorry for the late reply! i called them but however, they can only manage to locate 3 journeys of mine; i booked 4!! haishhhh tension. yang lagi kelakar tu, ada one journey, i booked for 2 person, tapi ada nama i sorang je! funny kan??? takkanlah ku travel sorg. haish so pengajaran dengan airasia jangn book lump-sum.... chaos!

  9. lau: thank you so much for the offer.... looking at ur mail, u definitely work with airasia isnt it? anyway, i'm a lil frustrated with the bookings... they can't locate another 1 journey-return tix. and another journey of mine travelling alone? sigh.... i'll however check my cc statement whether they charged my cc or not...

  10. beb, i pernah mcmtu jugak...heheheeh..mase i purchased the tix...rupenye i silap isi my email add...dok tunggu for a from air asia..then xde..lastly dah fed up tunggu and call AA..hehehehe..they managed to resend the u kne bg name u n date of travelling....
    gud luck!