Saturday, November 13, 2010


what if we can't afford ngi?
i know, he can consider a hall pelamin at RM10k, but seriously do not expect much...
to me, he's a PELAMIN DESIGNER! again, a designer!!!
so do not put his creative work down.... because witht he quality he delivers, janganlah perlekehkan dia sampai nego macam dekat pasar tani. be reasonable in negotiating.
he's not merely a pelamin maker.
just my 2cents, negotiating a beautiful Rm30k pelamin to get it done at rm10k is ridiculously absurd... seriously.
i know, we as customers, wanted the best price, value for money what not but....
like............ come on girls!
i don't have that 30k too, but if can't afford one, do not push them.
at the end of the day, disspointment is the perfect answer.

for the girls who have all the $$$ without the need of getting LOANS.... oh go for it! u can afford it, we'll be happy for u! tumpang gembira! we will do the same if we have $$$, don't we girls?

so back to point A, if you (...we) can't afford a pelamin designer, always have options.
opt for other pelamin maker with less $$$ and have beautiful pelamin as well. woot woot!

so here... the two other pelamin makers i love : )



these two pelamin maker do a grand hall pelamin at RM8k. seriously.
kinda affordable kan?

so.... do u have any pelamin maker in your mind that can do less than Rm10k? share with us!


  1. pelamin jer dah 10K. sila pengsan skang.

  2. sangat cantik! it's below 10k.. :)

  3. sgt setuju miss X!...
    ada sebab mengapa mereka mahal...
    kalo kita x mampu, cari lain la kan...
    same goes to other thing...

    p/s... i pun dah ttarik dgn arjunacipta...hehe..

  4. reen: huhu but hall pelamin yg cantik,plg murah is rm5k for d time being. Jaz: worth it kan? I love d first pic in my entry. Harz: very true.ada sbb depa mahal. For me,if i budget ciput, i'll giv 10k and shut my mouth,teserah creativity depa within dat budget..respect.

  5. I loike Arjuna Cipta's pelamins. Thanks for sharing!

    In Penang, the hottest name in Pelamin deco is Hassan Abu Bakar(HAB). Pelamin cantik and setanding with the ones in KL. Affordable too. Around 3 to 6k :)

  6. emily: hey thanks for the heads up! i told my good friend about it oredy... :) menarik!!

  7. Arma totally can.. Tell him your budget and he can totally work it out and still gorgeous!

    Reka Teemor package starts at 10k, The Wedding Fairies also I think boleh dapat within 10k..

  8. beautiful pelamin tapi harganya.. alahai.

    thanks for sharing

  9. woot woot i have one ! raise your hand raise your hand!!!

    my husband is very particular about his dais on his side. boleh jadi gado dengan dia kalau bincang bab pelamin. HAHA

    memule memang nak amik arma. his designs memang cantik bersih lawa. harga berpatutan. cuma susah kalau dewan besar. so panel sikit. nampak kosong. we went to this small hall at presint diplomatik. seroja i think? for the dais, the meja beradap and walkway he charged RM7k. memang lawa. but then dia pakai 10 kali for 10 customers. what do you expect kan but we wanted something a bit different.

    so husband met syura the singer. shes a wedding planner now.

    ok for RM10k, syura bridal (as in syura the singer) can create a 5 panel dais . walkway. dancers. and dulang hantaran exclusive. go and check our wedding photos at Syura bridal's facebook or syura honey (her fb). morroccon (konon2) yang pepel tu. tantek!!! ( bagi i la haha)

    Dais only, she can charge RM6k.

  10. hai u, actually im one of ur silence reader, tapi tu dulu skang tak lagi cuz i dah ade blog(br buat hari sabtu aritu hehehe). btw nak g tau yg i dah follow & link u tau. hope u sudi follow & link me back ya

  11. owh.. kak nawal.. best!
    if 10k we got all in 1 package, mmg bayar ttup mata je.. :)