Friday, November 19, 2010


a few bloggers blogged about the pelamin of this bride+groom...
but i'm way interested with the bride's make-up
this make-up artist i do not know.... but their work is pretty great!
like a collaboration of two; a chinese guy and a chinese lady.... hasilnya, menarik.
the pengantin?
none other than illyana, pic from fad+ rumahmerah
oh can someone please figure it out for me? pretty please..........

**the beautiful hair +beautiful bride**

***the oh-so gorgeous make-up! & gorgeous bride***

**the talented hair-lady, anyone know her? please let me know!!!**

**the very talented punk chinese make-up artist. VERY TALENTED!**
**lihat, betapa telitinya dia**

korang, please buat 'reseacrh'!!! i suka!!!
if kroang tau who did the makeup+hair please let me know!
if korang kenal the bride, please ask her and let me know!
thnak you


  1. babe, since the OP is fad manaf, maybe you can contact him and ask for the bride's email or any of her contact details. i'm sure fad don't mind giving it to you.

  2. moose: i askd fad ordy,dia taktau.but he told me he'll ask d bride.waiting n waiting,so i reminded him.but then up til today dia tak reply pun..

  3. oh. i have to admit that fad is quite slow in replying. we lost him as our OP sebab dia lambat reply email. :(

  4. kan? PR kurang.lpastu he favor bride n groom yg so-called indie. Lari tajuk kejap but seriosly u tak rugi apa2 pun.hey i'm eyeing for ada fotog baru,bak hafiz. Fee pun murah. 1800 je.. Huhu

  5. miss X, do u mean bakri hafiz hisham? that i suggestd u in earlier?

  6. bak sgt reliable and his pic sgt lawa. he was my OP before. ;)

  7. the make up artist is sheng saw dear.he's an idol of mine :)u cn search up for his name

    my make up page:

  8. jaz: yerp. but i bowsed again. lina's engagement je cantik. yg lain kurang...

    aim: i pun rasa ok kot sbb he's new kan? so still tak diva hehe

    anna: woootttttttttttttttt tengs!!!

  9. yeap.. sokong2!! bak pun boleh tahan. ehehe. alamak. lari tajuk pulak. mekap die sangat awesome!!

  10. yes, he's quite good, a friend of mine.. he's still stdy anyway.. :) banyak lagi superb OP..