Wednesday, November 3, 2010


hello, this is not an idea-entry but a question-entry :)
if you've been to so many halls, which hall u like the best?
and if you've been to so many hotels, which hotel is the best?
or any great venue idea u think is great?
tell me about it!


  1. i just read an entry by ainun about ISTAC tapi kena pakai sopan2 lah pulak...

  2. I had few experience with Dewan Sri Melati and it's nothing new also within bloggers.. I think it's reasonably priced and very convenient too!! The hall comes with 4 rooms that you can use. usually they'll let u use it since the night before so all the prep can be done there. no need to messed up the house lagi eheheh. and some more, dekat luar hall ada sofa so guest (usually close friends/relatives la) can still linger around lepak2.. price pun sgt sgt reasonable, deco pun ok. my family like the hall so much that both of my sisters had their recep there and insyallah, i'll be having mine there too. Hehehe. panjang pulaakk comment i.

  3. zara: istac is an islamic institution. mmg cannot pakai dress bagai. i;ve been there a few times for news coverage. and anyway, the rental of the hall is quite pricey; and cannot simply change this and that. banyak procedure.

    whenpeltalks: ok will check it out :)

  4. ai..blogwalking cni..nice blog!

  5. miss x, try check duchess place at ampang!! very cosy look and good PR. they have fb account too. :)