Wednesday, November 17, 2010


hello lovelies,
i went to Unaisah's a few days back to get my cute mum her baju.
was so terrified that mum will not fit into her bajuS coz she gained lot of weight
dia saje2 hantar her baju in March, and every month tanya about her baju.
but i told mum, Unaisah is very very busy with bridal dresses.... bet she couldnt finish mum's baju yang saja2 tu...
So since Raya Aidiladha i called Unaisah asking about mum's baju..
Mum was kinda sad knowing she can't pakai baju by Unaisah on Aidilfitri.
Since then, tiap MINGGU dia tanya! until.........
a few days back, we went to Unaisah's and she got 2 out of her 3 baju!
that made her day, definitely! although, another baju tak siap lagi.. huhu
i have a thing for my mother. i always love those who treat my mother nice ;)
On Aidiladha yesterday, she happily wore her baju. ye, sangat happy ok?!

...AND you know what, i hantar my kain to her jugak. one of my baju kahwin akan dibuat Unaisah. CONFIRMED~! :)

***Unaisah is fully booked until October 2011. November brides can start sending kain now!***


  1. best nyee..i teringin nk hantar baju kt unaisah..knew that die dh fully booked...pasrah aje laaa..huuh

  2. hey hey elya, janganlah pasrah... if ur wedding september onwards probably u can still hantar. try cakap u reader missX... who knows...

  3. waa bestnye unaisah..all time fevret tu..i pon x berkesempatan nk wat dgn die..huhu..

  4. niza: huhuhu i can't help it. hati ini berkata, one baju mesti hantar dekat unaisah. ;p must-have!

  5. hey..i pun hantar jugak kat die next year.anyway its too bad ure not free this 1st jan 2011 kan?i la yg nk mintak canopy dari u tu..huhu

  6. dalila: hey hey! high-five amik unaisah! sure ur baju cantik! but do follow up with her pasal ur slot.... anyway, itulah... if i'm available that date definitely do urs. but sadly not around :( another 2jobs on that particular date pun i terpaksa sub to other WP....

  7. kalo plan nak kawen feb 2012.. da boleh anta kain ke sis? nak chhuuuppppp unaisah gak.

  8. osh: oh please do. just serahkan kain as tanda book slot ;p huhuhu Unaisah's current price (our own kain)--- the lowest RM600 (basic kurung modern with basic detailing + basic veil) up to RM1000. you can always discuss with her your prefered budget and needs. say, budget is RM600-- kain sendiri chiffon 6 meter;- simple kurung modern, kain flowy, lace and batu kat leher and both wrists, nak butang 'abang-sayang' , and simple chiffon veil. i believe she can do it.

  9. Hi Miss X : I pon hantar kat Unaisah.. she's a very nice person! insyaAllah my baju bertunang & bertandang will be ready some time in Dec 2010. can't wait to see the outcome!!

  10. bubbly:wooooooooooot! good choice! dont forget to share d outcome!love

  11. unaisah memang hot stuff la now!
    im having her for the akad nikah in july. i ope it'll turns out niceeee :))


  12. sis.. thanks for ur advice. really appreciate it!! luv u. ehehe.

  13. ashiebee: wuhuuuuuuuuu don't forget to share photo of the dress later k? muahx!

    osh: muahx muahx!

  14. hello..try to contact unaisah tru email but have no reply...
    so sad xbole guna sentuhan unaisah for my akad bridal dress...
    miss x, love ur blog.. :D