Sunday, November 28, 2010


my pretty friend lyana is officially engaged!

i was a bit late yesterday since i have to run here and there to settle things.
tak sempat blow rambut pun, so i chose to belah rambut tengah (tips for last minute outing preparation;-- do not do side bang, as it has the potential to go leper)
and.... i'm wearing MissX e-baju, again! ;p huhu
my first time was march 14th, then 2 kali pakai jadi emcee for weddings.
but for lyana's E, i don't wear my meleret kain. kang org kata over pulak.

the food was great. i loveeeeeeeeeee the daging a lot. catering by Sajian Emas. nyums@

oh back to the ceremony, her pelamin sangatlah effortlessly gorgeous.
i love the combo of white material drapes, chandelier and fairy lights!

but who's the prettiest of all? definitely lyana!
make-up ndone by someone name Fatin i guees (will correct this later if salah)
i love the fact that lyana biarkan her hair down with sexy curls.. it's sooo
and the best part i love?
her baju!!! oh so gorgeous.
she tailormade dekat bandung. cantikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
purely herself from head to toe.

so many kawan datang, some i dah tak jumpe for quite sometimes. sangat happy dpt gather. huhu

i'm so happy for lyana, and can't wait tgk dia kahwin. she will be one pretty bride i guarantee. love. congratulations. hugs and many many hugs.

*the pretty lyana; pretty her, pretty make-up, pretty baju*

*her pretty pelamin*

*us at lyana's e-day*

*me and my akma yang cute*

*baby the legend, me and kema cutest*



  1. ehhh.. akma is my batch maid masuk kje!=)

  2. mawar: ur batchmate? huhuhu ptd jugak la ye? :)

  3. wow..canteknye ur fren..pelamin die pon gorjes!! =)

  4. lyana: love love love!!! :)
    niza: cantik kan???? i pun suke!

  5. ohhhh akma!! :D dia memang cute tapi slalu merepek cakap dia gemok hahaaa..

  6. dita: thank youo dearest... :)

    chenta: wah... kenal kema jugak. kema ni famous sbnrnya... huhu