Tuesday, January 25, 2011


oh goshhhhhh! he's very very talented.
looking for fresh-new idea? look for him!
i adore his work.
he did heed's pelamin and etc...
and they're definitely different.
not too datin-ish.
oh i soooooooooo love.
anyhow, he's also a decorator for a famous designer; que is the backbone to ensure all deco in the right place to suit people from all walks of life.
price? oh kena tanya que sendiri.
skrg que in demand, but definitely can discuss.. kan que?
andddddddddd que is famous for his specialty in wall drapes.
mmg cantik!
i tak kesah takde pelamin pun if ada wall drape. serious. tapi nak murah.
gila jujur tak? hahah
anyway, i personally tak pernah jumpa que, but sembang dalam fb je.
...happened ada mutual friends.
que ni tak jumpe lagi pun dah ramah.
if jumpa nescaya aku akan mak hayamkan diri.

so bride-to-be do consider que in your list, and block the date!

bunch of love,
Miss X
heed's. cantik kan?
small and beautiful

grand and meletops

very intimate kan?

i love the simplicity. que! i nak camni je! serious!


  1. I'm in love with Que's work too. Selalu gak comment kat FB dia..and like you said, sangat ramah.

    But intimidated nak tanya price dia >.<

  2. like like like!!!!! tapi kalo luar kL mesti cas tu mahal. emm.. gigit jari je la.

  3. Thank you for your appreciation of the simplest pelamin by Que - actually it was use as a photo session area as there was no Merenjis Ceremony in the program - Perfect Day Planner.

  4. omg! thanks for the recommendation. mmg cantik, understated, yet strong design!

  5. rilla: huhuhuhu tu la. i ber-fb pun dia mmg tak pernah kekwat. ramah sangat. u tanya je... i rasa he's open for discussion. if dia letak harga pun, mungkin depends on budi bicara customer jugak...

    osh: huhuhu ada la transportation charge smue mesti ada. tapi osh, i suke que ni sbb dia punya creation tak terlalu mak datin. i'm a simple girl with simple need.... so i think it suits my taste.

    PDP: kak ratna!!! good jobbbbbbbb! i pun mmg plan untuk photo session. i told que oredy since my mum pun cakap no need pelamin sbb our family, waktu abg kawen pun mmg takde merenjis2 ni...

    emily: kan???? sila contact que! mmg sangat cantikkkk! jatuh cinta with the simplicity!

  6. lawaaaa..mmg chek berkenan hat simple2 nieee.. dan..hasil kerja que di majlis perkahwinan heed..mmg superb.. :)

    p.s : chek pun tak buat majlis merenjis bagai.. takat ada photobooth sajaaa.. :) lebih suka mingle around ngan tetamu drp dok berjam-jam ataih pelaminn.. hehe :)

  7. omg he's so baik ok! very peramah. insyallah i will hire him to do my wedding decor nanti. PR memang meletop!

    for price, masa i tanya how much for pelamin (hall), he jawab is around 8k. tapi i guess you can just give him a budget, and he'll work things out for you :)