Friday, September 4, 2009


since Mr. X dah proposed, sepantas kilat saya yg dah ada all the plans and lists in my otak and folder wedding kat desktop mula menelefon individu itu.

for tunang, i always wanted liza (assistant saidatul nisa) to make-up. dia punye make-up mmg cantik. very hard to jumpe in the internet sebab dia takde fotopages nor any webpage. saidatul nisa and sue cantik saya reserve untuk wedding nanti. ok tak? ;) of course, budget wise... kak sai and sue skrg dah rm1k per session!

liza punye makeup service pun doesn't come that cheap tapi still affordable and sesuai la budgetnye dgn engagement. saye tak kisah, saye sgt suka make-up dia. hope mine will turns out well too!

so, saye dah call kak liza! dah block date! yeay!!!!!

ni salah satu hasil makeup kak liza saye jumpe kat

cantik sangat kan???! simply nice. just perfect!
*kudos to photographer and the beautiful bride

Miss X


  1. yes....liza's makeup is amazing..u are in good hands...i actually wanted her for my wedding but shes fully booked in feb...i was too late...sad kan...

    i've seen and experienced work by a lot of top makeup artist honestly she has one of the best foundation...kak sai thought her well...

  2. oh btw i would recommend msquare photog as well...amazing work at reasonable price..for my bro they charged him total inclusive of 2 photographer, photo book and everthing 1k...

  3. sabby: fully booked? no worries, bet u'll find a good one as good as kak liza... my engagement bulan mac and thank god dia free on that particular date. anyway thanx for the heads up, darl! photog at 1k.. nice! thank you darl!!!

  4. wee..mana nak dapat no phone kak liza tue yer?

  5. hello dear, i dpt the number from website saidatulnisa ;)

  6. ok thanks dear..-:)