Friday, September 11, 2009

SSF sale ok?! pt2

the pix as promised.... :)
malas nak photoshop so excuse the gambar.... as it is ok?

the sangat-tal-sahut-kempen-go-green plastic bags (kadang-kadang takpe.. kan?)

two things saya suka out of all:

1) this plain white tray

2) the cupcakes stand

still in bungkusan and don't bother to take out and pasang sbb engagement next year ok? being me, excited (always kot!) beli awal. kthanx.

See the tebuk2... i suka. jatuh cinta nak pengsan. kbye.

Miss X


  1. awallllnyaaaa beli but good deal tho, bkn bley pki setakat bertunang je.sampai kawen, branak pinak pun bley.timeless.good buy.

  2. wawa vtec: huhu tu la.. nampak sgt terlebih excited kan? but tu la, byk nasihat kate better start awal rather than last minute... after all, indeed.. sgtlah good buy ;)

  3. oh, i've linked ya! let us share the beautiful journey... ;p