Thursday, September 17, 2009


cari photographer. i like syahrin aziz punye artwork but beyond my budget for moi engagement. for wedding will sure grab him ;) suke! make-up of course salah satu faktor utama, in real life especially kan? but tho our make-up turns out disaster on dat particular day, photo editing will definitely membantu BANYAK ok? so, i think yg penting adalah the editing coz sometimes ada yang edit too sharp jadi fake jadi nampak cam pondan... ada yang edit too bright.. and ade yg over do the editing. i like it natural but cover all the flaws. mestilah kan? anyway, my own likey, i love to look at glowy pictures... apatah lagi bila bride pakai white or pastel colours. nampak macam angel. i like!

something like this (cantik sangat plsssssssssssss):

korang suka tak? what say u? ;)
*credit to bride and photographer

anybody kenal the bride or photographer gambar ni? if tau, or taktau but know any photographer who edit camni, please let me know ya? probably with link of the page i can refer to or browse and... contact number? ok.. love uols! ;)


  1. the first 3 pix tu my unimate.Ramelda Surin search la di FB..wah..x sangka kt blog hiddenwing pun ade gamba yg ke3 jgk.hehe..but i hafta agree w u.editing sgt sgt sgt penting!!

  2. oh how i wish u can ask her who's her photographer! i so like the glowy feeling of the picture macam angel! i dah tgk byk photographers be it yg famous and yg tak famous.. takde pon yg glowy! help, help!