Thursday, September 10, 2009

SSF sale ok?

yeay! SSF tgh sale. so i went there with Mr. X and i sooooooo rambang mata. i wanted to buy eveything but i couldn't. so, sbb dah nekad not to spend byk, i mmg purposely bawak Rm50 je in my purse. tapi kerana geram i ambik itu ini. tup-tup i dapat idea.. guna card!

see, i can't resist myself buying! ok takpe, apapun... rasa berbaloi beli. so what ihave in hands right now;
- 3 trays to hias for merisik
- 1 super gorgeous cupcakes stand
- 8 mini vases
- 4 plate for candles
- 2 gorgeous suare plates
they're all in white ;)

ok, puas hati! yeay!

*dah ambik gambar nanti i'll post up here k?

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