Wednesday, April 6, 2011


she's the cutest ever!

she's engaged to the love of her life last month.
i was excited all the way when she announced that she's getting engaged, mmm that was 10months back kot!
and we both shared ideas and happiness together...

but unfortunately, 2days before her e-day, boss assigned me to Somaliland, Africa (remember?)
haish.. i sedih coz tak dapat pegi but job-call, tak boleh buat apa-apa.

apapun, i'm happy for her.
she had the sweetest engagement day ever that i have to share with each and everyone of you.
theme was pink+soft yellow.
from her veil to her shoes--- all perfectly done by Zery Zamry.
and her oh-so-gorgeous pelamin by one of the vendors in Penang.
feast your eyes!

all of u have to agree with me that this is the sweetest pelamin ever, kan?

her shoes and beautiful baju

a closer look of her pretty e-attire
told ya, she's the cutest ever!

and here, my msg to my dearest akma.
tho I was not there to join the ceremony --- i however celebrated that special occassion.
All the way from Africa with love.
Wearing my yellow baju kurung i tempah earlier....

Congratulations yayang! i love you!


  1. simple dan cantik oh die punye pelamin!!! heart it very very very much!!! wish i can have one pelamin like that one day. hehehehe.

  2. sweet!!:)

  3. oh my god! her baju! jaw dropped! sangat cantik!

  4. osh: sangat cantik kan??? u should!

    adibah: true, very very sweet!

    yanie: her baju by zery. i love her veil the most!

  5. intan: hahahah taylor swift sgt :)

    adawiyah: high-five!

    jooleata: simply classy :)

  6. cantiklah baju n pelamin..ehmm, pelamin tu vendors mane ye? blh tau x? thanks : )

  7. nabila: hello dear, vendor dari pulau pinang. nama dia baby tak silap i.

  8. hye hye!

    you're a friend of akma eh? she's my friend too (in uniten). she's soooo stunning during her e-day kan. :) akma mmg comels pun...

  9. zain: kan? i like it a lotttt

    scribler: hye! wah wut a small world. nice to meet u. anyhow, mmg dia comel pun ;p