Sunday, June 26, 2011


this is dedicated to the bitch who can't stop harassing my family.
u're no l0nger with us. u are history.
who's fault? ask urself!
u left your kids for 3 freaking years!
to fulfill ur so-called dreams, tinggal anak ikut boyfriend!
u can tell ur sad fairy-tale to all ur news friends who just got to know u and ur friends who never get the chance to know us.
act timid so everyone pity u. the fact that u fooled everyone!
face the fact, u're a mother with two kids.

stop telling lies that u're single and stop spreading rumours that u weren't happy when u stayed with us. stop telling lies!
my mother paid for ur education, license, car, house, maid, expenses,etc.
not only u, but also 100% of ur kids expenses! please be thankful!
u don't even contribute a single cent when u left them! for THREE freaking years!
u don't eve pay their kindergarten's fee, u didnt attend their report card day, u didnt attend theirs sports day, as simple as U WERE NOT THERE!!!
ask urself, what kind of mother are you??? kucing pun sayang anak!
to her friends, stop listening to her lies.
just ask urself--- what kind of woman, wife and mother she is??
WHEN she left her 2 kids, when she left her husband for another guy, when she told everyone bad things about her in-laws when the in-laws fed her when her family chased her out!
judgment is yours. is she human enough???

seriously woman, i pity u.
your family didn't want u. my family picked u up and fed u instead. but what did my parents get in return? stop talking humiliation when you humiliated yourself, proudly prove the world that u're a serious bitch.
my parents did nothing to u, it's between u and ur ex-husband.
and stop talking about me-- u know u have much dark past u possess that none of us ever tell anyone.
seriously, don't try me.

and it's sad that u even lied to ur current boyfriend's family.
acting single-- the fact that u have two kids at my parents' place who feed them, give them education, clothings and shelter for them to live.
ask yourself what did u give them in these 3 freaking years except a pair of sandals?
funny, in THREE years u only gave them a pair of sandals, a few toys and McDonalds for lunch?
u don't even pay for their school fees.
not even a single cent.
don't talk nafkah with my brother when you urself isteri derhaka, tinggalkan rumah tanpa izin suami untuk lari dengan lelaki lain, kejar cita-cita nak study overseas kononnya.
buat bank loan, ikut jantan tu, tinggalkan anak.
tak sampai setahun dah balik, tak cukup duit.
kau ni hidup dalam angan-angan tau! pathetic!

let's not talk about money...
u didn't register them for school.
u didn't cook for them when they're hungry late at night.
u were not there when ur eldest received award when he first got his 5As.
u were not there when ur youngest spelled correctly.
u were not there to teach your kids A-B-C.
u were not there to check on their homeworks and pack their bags for the next school session.
u were not there when their friends put kerengga on them.

don't fucking blame us for everything. at least we're with them EVERYDAY!
not once a month macam kau! ambik siang-hantar malam.
kau ingat rumah tumpangan??
u're selfish. gatal kejar jantan lain sampai tinggalkan anak sendiri.

i took charge as their 2nd mother for god sake.
i am only their aunty but i took over ur duty and u're never thankful for that.
and all u can tell ur friends, bad stories about me.
i went to see the parents when ur kids got bullied at school.
i went to see the teacher for ur kids education progress.
i fed and cooked for them everytime they're hungry.
they do their homeworks with me.
and i was the one who thought your youngest chap how to spell.

now ask urself, are u a good mum???

... i warn u, if u ever dare again to text funny messages to my mother, i'm gonna give u a tight slap on ur face and won't afraid to give u the perfect humilliation that u've hide from ur new friends who don't even know ur past. jangan rasa diri tu mangsa, sedangkan awak sendiri tak senonoh. dari sekolah menengah dah melacur, dasar perempuan sundal. if u ever come near to my house again i won't hesitate to lodge a police report. i mean it. stop spreading gossips, minta ampunlah dengan my parents who fed you for soooo long when ur family can't even afford to give u RM50. u're selfish, u're ungrateful, u're the best actress on earth. act happy, but hiduplah dengan hati yang tak tenang selagi kau tak minta maaf dengan my parents.


  1. like a drama, but, totally jerk in a real life~

  2. oh my. bile bace mcm tgk drama. but, its a fact. cant say much, but sabar yer yuyu. :)

  3. yes la.mcm drama cerekarama okkk.haish.

  4. errrkk...ex kakak ipar u ke?well..u havent heard about my abg ipar..sama dasyat..but ape2 pun..sabo jela..dunia ini bulat..and its a karma world..what u did u get back..i always believe in that.when the time comes u akan tgk kalau manusia x ble balas,u tunggu balasan tuhan plak mcmane..mase tu die tau langit tinggi rendah.

  5. oh..ada juge org mcm ni..i thought dlm drama je..huhu..

  6. perempuan jenis ape tu???!!!! kalau setakat tak mengenang budi mungkin boleh tutup mata, tapi sampai mengutuk sana sini, memang layaknye pelempang satu.

  7. I love your honesty:)By the way, if she still text, I think she really need a slap at the moment! Me? I really wanna slap this old bitch yg ade laki and 2 anak who kacau my bf okey:P Love ur blog!

  8. weird la orang mcm ni..i have friends yg da kahwin bertahun2 nak anak tak dapat2 maybe sbb rezeki tak sampai lagi..yg da ade anak, Allah bg rezeki curah2 mcm ni pulak... tak bersyukur.. mmg tak paham la!!

  9. :) Hurmmm.. mcm cerekarama daaa.. But, apa2 pun.. mmg apa yg kita tgk dalam cerekarama berlaku dalam dunia sebenaq.. :) Yg pasti, banyak2kan bersabaq nohh.. jgn risau.. yg baik.. akan dibalas baik.. yg jahat pasti akan ada balasan yg setimpal drp Allah Taala..

    p.s : Allah lebih tau apa yg hamba2Nya lakukan di muka bumi ini.. :)