Tuesday, June 28, 2011


my latest candy buffet.

an L size.

it's hard to combine 3 colours as requested on one table-- soft purple/soft pink/ greenish-yellow.

but i thank them for trusting and loving the outcome.

if u love the fancy cookies--- place ur order now!

homemade chocs contributed by her aunty, cake in the middle by her cousin :)

u know, i normal don't share much on my creations since i hate copycats.

let me quote rizalman's "people copy u, because u're good"

candy buffet was not my idea either, it's from the US.

but i strongly believe i'm the first in Malaysia. to establish this creation. (ye ke?) ha ha

i don't mind more vendors doing it, but come on... change the arrangement pls...

janganlah sampai rekaletak pun nak tiru kan? :) takpela, halal je la... readers and clients are wiser in judging. :)


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  1. babe!

    Yes! Yes! yes ! yes!

    baru dapat komen! Ngeeee.

    Babe! Ur candy buffet memang cantik okeiiii! Rugi i tak singgah buat buat muka tak malu last saturday. Wuwuwuwu.

    Nak fancy cookies sepuluh! *mode TAMAK*

    p/s : Notice e caps lock? Ekekeke


  2. Salam. Can I know where you got the large glass canister in the middle? I'm from Singapore and my mom and I have been searching all over for it.