Thursday, August 4, 2011


*akhirnya berjaya upload. print screen from iphone uols!*
*inilah yang saya maksudkan, soft french lace terletak je atas kulit*

Like seriously, i start to worry about my reception dress. And worse, i dont trust anyone. But i know i havto decide on a designer n go with it.

I need to wear my dress, the one and only, how i wanted it to be. I dont want a designer who try to convince me on his particular design n change my decision. I want a designer who i give design, says ok, and execute. Do it well. And too bad i dont have tons of cash in a sack for a dress! If not i would've go see rizalman ibrahim. Jk.

Anyhow, i have all the materials--- lace n chiffon. So i only need workmanship that works magic for my dream dress! Can someone help me? Hello~~~~

I know u girls must ve done a lot of research.., so from ur observation, who's good with lace and chiffon? .... And that particular designer wont change our idea of a dream dress? not sure what am i talking about but pls help me!
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  1. whats the budget and the concept dear?

  2. how about jovian mandagie or zery zamry? i know nothing about fashion, but from my obsvation, jovian did well with lace while zery good in detailing and appliques.. if u are eyeing up arising designers, names like qudyn and shahrir nurdin are superb..just my 2 cents...=)

  3. hmm i've done a lotta research but xsure dorang ni 'type' camne.. 1-convince on his design OR 2-follow ur design...

    Why not you try these two..
    1- Hariz Zakwan (search kat FB)
    2- Faizell Ashraf (search kat FB)

    gudluck dear! :D

  4. You can try Oscar from Butik Lagenda. :) Honestly, he's very nice and listens to what you want. If you don't know what you want, he'll give a range of suggestions from you to choose from.

  5. nadd: seperti gambar yang i baru upload :)

    schaz: jm mahal dear... now minimum 6k just for workmanship. zery good with appliques on baju, i mean patches. but i have not seen him with lce atas kulit.

    renee: oh ya... jap i pi tengok! tq for the heads up renee!!!

    fie: i dah tengokkkkkkkkkkkk. ada satu dress tu almost similar to what i want. but brapa price range dia ya?

  6. hehe welcome dear.. u can oso try shahida shariff from buttonsmybuttons..i like her so far xpnah nmpak dia buat reception dress..but worth a try? checkout her works..

  7. I think his prices will surprise you lah. ;) I would say a lot cheaper than Qudyn's price range.

  8. hi.. i pernah tgk syomir buat baju camtu.. lace atas kulit.. cuba check fb dia..

  9. babe, azika collection byk design "lace atas kulit" dia bukan fashion designer la kot..but her creations are not bad... seems u r creating a new term babe..."lace atas kulit"..;p cute!

  10. renee: too quirky... tak mcm saya...

    fie: oscar tu ramah. but sure ke he can pull it off? risau.... ke, dua2 baju i buat dkt qudyn?

    mai: ha'a... tapi syomir skrg reception dress 3k and above ok?

    schaz: hahahah i taktau nak pggl camana. so that's how i describe it. sbb skrg ni ramai yang lace atas baju (patch lace) hahahha

  11. or innai...or syaiful baharim..

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