Saturday, August 20, 2011


Omygod peepsssss
I've done a lil research here n there.
Ok, in lagenda there are 3designers.
Leng is designer cum crqtibe director.
Oscar and rizal are the sub designers.
So i've seen hasil kerja by the three.
And dari kaca mata saya, kalau ikut taste saya....
I prefer leng's designs!
Hahaha she's very open minded and yes, met her!
Her sketch sgt lovely! She made three sketches from the photos i took dr Mr. Google :p
oh oh dia lukis sebijik la kan? (hope hasil pun sebijik) hahahaha
all the 3sketches tak lari dari idea asal i.
Anddd everytime i tak confident dgn diri i, i'll ask her? What do you think?
Dia akan jawab "i might think the opposite but its ur wedding! U know what u want!" suka kan??
Then i complaint i'm fat every 5minutes... Leng akan ckp "positive.positive!"
then i told her, "i hope i'll lose weight by then"
And... She said "not hope, but u must!"
Omygodddd she's so kind and positive!
Cant tell which baju of mine leng akan buat, nantikan ya? I love all of youuuuuu BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


  1. hihi.. happy for you! :D lega when we found the right person kan?

  2. note to self: lepas raya gi maju junction singgah lagenda untuk survey2..nadya pun hire oscar xsilap.. thanks for sharing! :D

    btw dear, do u happen to know nurul syuhada's MUA for her wedding?d info i only got is her name-laila rohani. but how to contact her? mind to share??

  3. miss x! i pegi Lagenda twice. 2 kali dah jmp Leng! ade jgk i call oscar b4 tu for some research. nasib baik i jmp Leng personally! fuhh..i dah hantar kain pun! and..tak sangka, design yg i nak tu..betul2 die bagi witha very2 reasonable price!*smile*

  4. i pun penah jumpa leng..she is such a sweetheart! cecantik design kat lagenda tu n diorang punye PR sgt la best..i duk try baju tu baju ni, leng ok je melayan...

  5. Anaz: haha i oso cant wait!

    joo: haha hrp i lose weight by then

    renee: kak laila tu makeup artist tv3, nnti i mintak number dia k?

  6. shahizwa: nak tgk bajuuuu mail me pls!

    Schaz: hahah i pun tak malu habis semua veil i try ok? Hahaha

  7. oh thanks so much dearie.. ur d best! appreciate it :D

  8. hye there, can i know how to contact this leng lady?


  9. hi yuyu, i slalu read ur blog and so far i've gotten some ideas for my wedding because of your blog, thanks :) btw is leng from lagenda butik at maju junction? wow! i never thought of it!...i bukan jenis tgk designer sgt,,i just google design i like and send to normal chinese lady tailor je...hehehe..but so far just did my engagement dress...hopefully would turn out ok ;) u mind sharing the price to hire her like u always do with other designer? btw i went there once....but i think dia ade a mute helper...but she wasnt around...n he asked me to wait (with sign language) but i was in a hurry so tak sempat jumpa dia...hmmm maybe should have waited..hehe...but i do admit her dresses cantik...i like tulle so hopefully if her price is reasonable for my budget nak hire dia for reception n nikah least my fiance 2 b keje dekat pertama..boleh check out for me ;)

    i hope your dream wedding would be great....please post pictures for b2b future references..ehhee :)