Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hye people!
Ok i dont hv any wedding drama to share.
Everything is smooth sailing, alhamdulillah.

However, here are some mini drama series i managed to think of and share with u! Hahaha ada jugak kan dramanye? ;p

- i wanted this designer to do my w-dress. (loyal readers, i bet u know who). But after the incident happened to my bff, i feel like not going to do my dress with him erk them? sbb my friend ada this one design she has in mind. But.... Designer insisted to ikut his way, not my friend's way. So dah misscom coz.... how can a designer say no to a bridezilla dress requests, aint it? Hurmmmm y it affects me? Because myself has only ONE design in particular. Thats d dress i wanted since high school. How can someone tell me it cant be done??? So whats the drama peeps? Guess what, wedding is 4months away and i have not send my reception kain to anyone. Great! (baju nikah dah settle, alhamdulillah)

Alright, last year we came to this conclusion of having nikah n reception at d same venue, C. But however a mutual friend got married last month and i kinda not fancy d nikah venue. Its rather plain and... Ya, plain. I want a homey ambience tho i dont feel like doing nikah at home coz i pity my family members who hv to do lots of lifting (mcm waktu tunang dulu)... So my sweetest bonda agreed to d idea of holding my solemnization ceremony at my dream place that dont need pelamin uols---- and which i never dare to voice out pun. Mind u, my Dr. Bonda dah pencen in May and now she's a Lecturer Bonda so she stays at home most of d time with Mr. Google! How IT literate my bonda is :) I swear my jantung joget-joget when she said d venue thingy but i dont want to b excited much and end up w dissapointment. So leave it to Allah swt. He knows whats best for me.

We all the bridezillas wantd to hv our wedding with some colors (we wanted) kan? So i hv 2 colors, eh 3colors, eh mix colors. Ok, thats our prob. When we do lots of research we tend to bumped into pretty real weddings with def pretty colors! So fickle minded. But anyhow im down with 3 now and dont want to change anymore but choppppp my future in laws visited us last month to discuss about one-two matts. And guess wut, one of the two is color!!! fmil had her own color choice (which i dont like. Ok, i like d colors but i dont like d fact someone changing MY color decision. Ok selfish alert). But girlssssss come on! Its our wedding and all we wantd is to pick our own colors that we think look best in photos, kan?.... Oh give the poor bride some space pls.....~ :( Ok i suffocated during the discussion. I swear, i was!!! I wanted futureIL to wear grey on my nikah day. But.... They refused! They wanted to wear grey utk bertandang as d host. Come on! They have january2012 kot! They still hv time to change, kan? So i promised myself to be honest and i said NO. Erkkkk. Yes, i did. they're ok with it (i think...) Thanks to my fiance's abah! He's d best!

But that's not it, d week after bonda ceramah me. To let his parents do their way. So i felt guilty. .....and willing to sacrifice my color. I made a phone call and told fiance to tell his parents they can proceed with whatever color they wanted for nikah which yellow was their initial plan. Or was it green? (see, i was not listening during d discussion. Selfish kan?) but itulah, semua dipermudahkan. His parents bought the kain already. They're d sweetest! I swear.

Three dramas for now. Will update more (hope not another ha-ha-ha)

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  1. hahahahahaha.. mau jadi drama queen kah? emm tak anta kain lagi? biar betik?!! sempat ke sis?

  2. Are you talking about who I think you're talking about? :(

    Boleh email me siapa? Thanks!

  3. i dulu ada masalah lebih kurang sama (dgn finally mertua)dan finally i stuju diorg pakai warna mana diorang nak...TAPI diorang tetiba nak tukar nak pakai sewarna dengan pengantin. which is i xsuka mcm tu (selfish jugak la kan hehehe)
    its going smoothly...mujur finally diorang stuju n ikut

    for u, good luck utk sume preparation okey