Tuesday, August 23, 2011


while everyone went wow-aw-wow admiring the bride's pretty indie-purple-deco on her big day.... i was eyeing for something else---- the baju!

i was so curious
so dengan muka tak malu---
i personally asked the beautiful bride after i was 88x mesmerized by her beautiful nikah attire.
and lucky me, the gorgeous natasha is so kind to share the lady behind the jaw-dropping dress.

photos captured by fad manaf.
and the beautiful dress is definitely by Leng!
how can i not love Leng?
i believe my taste.
i seriously think the dress is soooooo pretty!
what say u?
i think u all have to agree with me ;)

*look at the pearl beadwork. i love it so much!*

*sexy back! almost simillar like how i wanted--- i panggil v-back haha*

* awww the beautiful veil. and pls pay attention to lengan baju and petite scallops boat neck*

* the whole look you! the pretty dress on pretty natasha*

tell me you love the dress
i made the right decision kan?



  1. OH! I was wondering who made her dress :) It's gorgeous. Yes dear, I think you made the right decision too ;)

  2. fie: i knowwww ;p ya, the moment i saw the baju nikah, i igt from rizalman sbb simple and elegeant... so to answer the so many Qs i have in mind i decided to ask her myself. and to my surprise Leng designed the pretty dress! suka kan?

  3. Awwwwww..e dress is too sweet and cantik. U'll look gorgeous on ur wedding too dear! Cant wait!

  4. wow. seriously mmg cntik. sukanya :)

  5. yes u made a right decision. i pun suka gila tgk gmbr2 natasha ni.baju dia sgt cntik.hehe

  6. u definitely made the right decision dear..!! sukaaaaaa..... :D

  7. She was my senior in high school :). And her dress is so gorgeous. Am sure yours will too :)

  8. Hye there. may i know how to get in contact with the designer? any links?


  9. I love her dress too..
    Very different from norm.
    Bet your dress will be gorgeous too.
    Owh.. I make an appointment with her end of this weekend.. Thanks to you :)