Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SYOMIR IZWA (lacey wedding dress)

*this gorgeous piece, by syomir*

Hey girls,
i personally think syomir izwa is one of the best --- dealing with wedding attire using lace as fabric.
so i contacted him a few days back, and received his reply yesterday.
he's now famous.
harga pun dah naik.
baju nikah starts from RM2k, and baju reception starts from RM2.5
notice the phrase 'starts from'...
(korang dapat the same quote ke? or i je yg dapat harga macamni.)

terkejut jugak sbb i told him i bought and will bring my own kain.
i remember last year, he quoted me RM1.5 for baju nikah and RM1.8k for reception dress.
ye la, nama dah naik, banyak celebrity hire dia. so he has to put a benchmark.
certain price that suits his branding.

no doubt he's one of the best in dealing with lace. kan?
hasil kerja dia sangat cantik.
cuma, brides yang pernah hire dia.. a few ckp syomir terlalu busy.
so mind you, ada kemungkinan baju siap lambat.
ada kemungkinan juga on ur wedding day baru dapat ur wedding baju.
but if you totally admire his work, why not kan?
mmg superb la.

BUT.... on another hand, there's this one upcoming designer.
it's Lagenda:-- ada dua designer Oscar and Leng.
but i dont know they are two different entities or what.
but yang pasti dorg berada di bawah satu boutique.
(can someone please tell me, if kita tempah kat Oscar sama je ke kalau jumpa Leng? or dorg lain2 charge, client masing-masing?)

but hell yeah, they're sooo good with lace.
setakat yang saya tengok, baju terletak, lace jugak cantik.
and surprisingly they're so friendly. sangat.
... psttt i heard dorg ni boleh ikut sebijik design apa kita nak.
they're not fussy and mendengar cakap client dengan baik.
sbb afterall cantik di mata designer tak semestinya cantik mata client kan?
anyone heard of Lagenda, please share! :)

Love, Hugs & Kisses


  1. As mentioned before, Oscar is doing my garden wedding dress. :) He's very nice and understanding of your requirements. Be prepared to stay there long though, haha. Memang tak sah kalau tak bergossip hehehe.

    Leng is one of the owners for Butik Lagenda, her sister operates the one in JB I think. You can just straight away make appointment with Oscar through the butik, just ask for him when is her free. Ask early though because he's not at the Butik all the time. You can call him at 0193378136. Cakap Atifi bagi nombor.

    Leng looks like a really nice person too, not sure if there is a difference in price.

  2. Lagenda sounds interesting....lets get some more scoop on this dear!

    and yes...Syomir is really good with lace. Hands down, mmg sgt talented.

  3. lagenda? leng + oscar? the next rizman ruzaini maybe? =)

  4. Hi Yuyu, i have met Oscar personally on recommendation by my bestfriend who did one of her baju there. Oscar is very2 friendly, mmg tak arrogant or snobbish. In fact dia sendiri kata yang dia tak bape berminat sgt buat baju untuk artist (which is for free) so tak payah risau yang dia akan prioritise baju artis over yours. Price pun affordable, starts dalam ratus2 (untuk jahitan sahaja of course not beads yet) and mmg betul, he mmg akan ikut design yg u nak. I minta his opinion for design pun dia tak nak bagi sbb dia kata its your wedding, u mesti dah dream about your baju so you should know what you want, he wont try to force his ideas.

    However I end up tak buat dengan dia sbb my bestfriend yg buat baju dengan dia also buat with salikin & syaiful baharim. her comment was that dengan oscar, kene fitting dua 3 kali sbb bila pakai, tak terus ngam dgn badan. but with salikin n syaiful baharim, once pg fitting terus cutting dah perfect so tak yah alter2 dah. masa pun jimat & i guess the designers know your body well and can make a perfect fit.

    hope it helps!

  5. Uols: baju syomir mmg superb! But ada dengar lagi tak
    Masalah lambat? Risau jugak sbb dia skrg busy dgn celebrities...
    Oscar senang sbb tak sponsor artist. Tp thr bride yg buat baju kat lagenda tu buat baju dkt leng, bukan oscar. Sama jugak or lain?

  6. I think everyone eventually looks for Oscar there now, Leng nampak macam pengurus kedai. Nanti when I go there at the end of the month utk measure, I'll inquire for you, if you belum tanya sendiri lah :)

  7. My bestfriend buat baju dekat Leng for her wedding last July. She was at Africa the whole time and after the dress dah siap Leng emailed the pictures to her semua. Once she's back for the wedding, she had to go two fittings but that's because she lost weight and the dress needed to be altered.

    I must say the dress is very pretty and she made it to her likings. The beadings were neatly sewn as well. Here's two pictures of the dress (she's the bride on the right, with the mermaid skirt dress)




    and she made her modern kurung for solemnization there too, and yes it was satisfying indeed :)

  8. Fie: oh pls do. Ask them, tempah dkt any them sama ke? Or lain2? :)
    Raieza: awww cantik2! Simple je but cantik :) ps: i nampak thr ambience pun lawa: lights n gantung2 tu cantikkk

  9. dear.. i buat baju with syomir. yes, dia mmg busy, so apa yg i buat i bg tarikh wedding 1 week earlier dr yg sebenar.. hahaha.. then you kena slalu follow up dia.. pasal price, u better sit down dgn dia. last time dia quote i higher (thru email) tp bila dh jumpa & discus the design harga yg dia bg rendah skit... all the best..

  10. hands down, syomir izwa is the best. baju dia mmg sgt cantik and fits you well. i only went for one fitting thats all. but he needs to be reminded so yah what mai sakurada did to give earlier dates is brilliant move.

    syomir is extremely busy, so you kena deal dengan assistant dia putri. but he will only give putri's number once you confirmed hiring him for the superb wedding dress. I have to admit his price is a little bit on the high side, but its the one day of your life kan, im sure you dont want to compromise ur dress over other matters.

    trust me, he does wonder with his dress. managed to hide my tummy and hips yg menggemuk its considered something awesome for bride. :) he might need some push in his schedule but he never fail to deliver. tak pernah dengar lg kes syomir tk siap baju client lah hehehe

    Good luck dear.