Saturday, July 2, 2011


thank you girls yang baru placed sample order!
and sorry to those yang masih clueless how the cookies look like.
i can't expect u girls to click 'older post' in order to search for the cookies photos aite?
so, to those yang masih tertanya-tanya rupanya, i currently have photos of:
1) choc-chip cookies
2) rainbow cookies
3) macarons

you can view them here:

almond london, havana cookies, blueberry dip and truffles in the making untuk postage 8th july ni!

hahaha thank you kepada anda2 yang comel order truffles and havana cookies though i haven't upload the photos yet. thank you for the trust! hugs and many many hugs!

yang nak sample order-- kindly place booking and payment before April 6th ya? (untuk first batch shipment) email:

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