Sunday, July 10, 2011


hello everyone,
most of b2b bloggers sure familliar dgn nama qudyn aziz kan?
the guy who worked with radzwan radzwill for 7 years before he started with his own brand a few years back. he's the backbone i think. ya, i think... :)
talked to him a couple of times.

i went to to his boutique and guess what...
...was smiling ear-to-ear looking at his collection.
he has improved tremendously.
believe me, it's unfair to look at his design in 2008.
it's 2011 uols. he is soooooooooooooo good!
but one thing, qudyn himself is very very shy.
i mistaken him sebagai sombong last time.
rupanya idak, dia tak sombong, dia pemalu... :)
sbb tu org tua kata, tak kenal maka tak cinta.
so being me, yang bubbly and tak tahu malu.
i snapped so many photos dekat his boutique.

sembang 2jam dah rasa macam kawan.
haha so i believe he's the type yang kena warm-up.
sembang lama-lama, dia mmg ok sebenarnya.
and the price is truly worth it.
no doubt, last time his rate was lower back then.
but again, it's 2011 uols!
so harga naik sikit.
but with the quality, i still think it's worth it.

don't u want to custom-made a gorgeous reception dress at only RM2500-RM3500?
...or at least a simple nikah attire at RM1500?
not cheap, but totally worth every single cent.
trust me.

jumpa qudyn tell him YUYU reccomend :)


  1. I love Qudyn! Very nice, peramah and designs according to your budget and body type. :) My baju akad nikah will be by him. Can't wait to see it (although lambat lagi).

  2. Thank you for the pricing info,dear. You're such a darling :)

  3. cuba ajak gosipp lagi cepat enjin panassss qudyn ni kalau dia reply text mmg rs mcm sombong sbb dia just reply 'ok' lol.

    dia siap deliver all my dresses all the way from kl to jengka (well,sbb dia siapkan lambat.but atleast he's responsible kan.hehe)

  4. Fie: mmg best. Senang discuss dgn dia....

    Anaztasia: sangatttttttt

  5. Fdyana: hahah dOnt forget mintak free simplr veil. InsyaAllah he'll do :)

    Cik yaya: u're my inspirationnnnnn. Hugsssss

  6. Miss X, im gonna meet him this weekend..any idea how much he's charging for baju raya? say simple kurung moden with a bit of beading/detailing?

  7. Btw dear, did you get my email about the emcee? :)

  8. qudyn baik! hehe. hasil kerja dia mmg sangat-sangat puas hati. senyum lebar lah:D

  9. oh wooowwww.. yummy! the dresses will be yours or qudyn amek balik eh dear? his designs are undeniably tempting.. kalau sempat kumpul duit i mahuuuu... ;)

    p/s:kalau mention ur name tu dia akan bg discount ke dear?? hahaha *juztryinmyluck* ;p