Sunday, July 24, 2011


hello darlings! thanks for those who ordered first batch 20/21st July pickup! it was such a wonderful time baking for u girls! 38 jars of choc chips alone tak masuk other types of cookies lagi. 2nd batch this coming 27/28 July dah full with 80jars. so i stopped taking orders for 2nd batch since 2days back. thank you very very much.

anyway, i'm opening for third batch uols! booked-- 52jars, so vacant lagi 28jars to those who wanted to order! perfect as gifts when visit sanak-sedara, kawan-kawan waktu raya. coz all tall jars come with ribbons! :)

THIRD BATCH collection date: 14th & 15th AUGUST 2011
FINAL BATCH collection date: 24th AUGUST 2011 (to those yang takut cookies abis tak sempat raya)

slot in ur order in one of these, mail me at

order via mail, do not comment here to order.

***to those who placed order for 2nd,3rd and final batch, bayar ikut this pricing below. changed jars... so price ikut jars baru! yang dalam papercups semua kurang RM2. love.***

FIRST BATCH haritu! thank you all!!!

choc chip cookies RM10 per jar! 45-50pcs
made: choc chip, brown sugar, tatura butter, premium flour

rainbow cookis RM12 per jar! 30-35pcs
made: choc chip, tatura butter, smarties

havana cookies RM10 per jar! 16pcs
made: nestum, oat, almond, premium choc fully dipped, choc rice

london almond rm10 per jar! 16pcs
made: premium choc fully dipped, whole almond inside, almond nibs

truffles rm10 per jar! 16pcs
made: almond slice, sunflower seed, croqueant, rice bubbles--all dipped in choc!

diva happy pills rm12 per jar! 23-25pcs
made: blueberry colatta, walnut, dipped in colatta!

TWH french macarons!!!
24pcs RM72 (pick 2 flavors)
36pcs RM105 (pick 3 flavors)
- sberries (ivory)
-oreo (grey)
-lavender (purple)
-vanilla (green)
-passionfruit (orangey-yellow)
-coffee (brown mix)
-choc ganache (pink)

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