Friday, July 8, 2011


hello peeps, i'm back!
are you salivating when looking at those pictures? hahaha

Diva Happy Pills (blueberry crunch) only available dari Miss X's kitchen.

it's pretty, it's yummy. unlike some others!

bukan sahaja cantik, malah guarantee sedap.

the cookies sangat sangat crunchy.

and not to forget the yummy blueberry-purple dip! nyumssssssssss

not only the kids will love it, but the ladies too!

usually kalau buat untuk candy buffet, i charge RM20 for 30pcs...

ut untuk raya order, RM12 for 25pcs! letak dalam jar with ribbon :)

harga yang missX letak sama je dengan harga pasaran, if u double the scale: RM24 for 50pcs.

skrg kat kl cookies pun range RM25-RM30 for 50pcs.

so ok la, i siap letak dalam glass jar with ribbon, u! boleh terus letak atas meja :)

get you diva happy pills now!

only at RM12 per jar!

ps: choppppp i'm so sorry sebab tak dapat do the postage today gara-gara perhimpunan bersih i dipanggil kerja. :(anyhow, i'll do the postage the soonest. here's postage schedule for this month:

postage/collection date: 14th/15th July.

next bacth: 20th/21st July.


  1. wow ape ni sys ??? cntik menarik joe

  2. wowh i love the color.vibrant colors.hahaha.