Monday, July 11, 2011


***no longer valid***

Phewwwwww buat promo 15pcs rm40 for small size sampai tak menang tangan. Bukan kenapa, sbb mcm2 colour requested with diff kind of flavor. Almost 600macarons, can u imagine? And most cuatomers are my silent readers and a few bloggers. So i mmg kena tutup this promo, sbb if kira balik balik modal 16cents each je. Adoi. So from now on, macarona jadi rm3 balik. Andddddd i akan tetapkan fixed warna+flavor. Order above 100pcs je boleh deman nak warna apa, with flavor apa. So, berikut my list of fixed color/filling;
1) brown: choc ganache
2) light brown: caramel or coffee
3) dark grey: oreo
4) ivory: strawberry
5) orangey red: orange/lime
6) green: icy buttercream (new!)
7) blue: choc nutella mix (new!)
8) purple: lavender buttercream (new!)
9) red: raspberry (new!)

Anyways, cookies sample order almost comes to an end on this 14th where u can order even ONE jar. But do take note, starting 15th july til 15th august i will only take raya order of 3jars minimum per customer. 10jars, free 1. After 15th august, no morw cookies.

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