Friday, July 1, 2011


Ok jakun.
First time nak pegi philippines.
Seumur hidup this is my 1st time; mungkin bcoz i dont favor country with language i dont speak. Which in a way-- i won't buy air tickets to any hard-to-communicate countries. No way for vacation, but kalau company hantar, mak on je!

Anyway, it's true-- for an example i sakit hati if pegi bangkok (walaupun murah) i think we speak better english than them, like seriously! Korang sakit ati tak?? It's very hard to even ask for directions from the cab drivers! And to bargain is even harder, pakai calculator ok? Aku ckp english, depa reply bahasa thai. Fenin!

That explains why indonesia is always my must-go-visit place. Setahun pegi 4-5 kali pun i tak kisah. i dont speak their slang, but they still udrstand our lingo. Shopping is relatively affordable and easy to find halal food. Tee hee I like!
English speaking country pun sonang-- spore, oz , europe countries, dubai, africa... Depa tak paham bahasa melayu but they speak english. (rendah diri)

Alrite, back to square one-- the philippines.
Haruslah meks tak speak tagalog, noks!
But mum said their english is way better compared to thai people. Nahunya je berbeza. Filipinos tend to emphasis the letter 'R' when they speak english. Curlassssss :)

Mum suruh i pegi one place namanya Divi Mall (tanah abang versi filipina) hahaha i remember when i was in high school, bonda balik beli macam wristlet banyak2 kasi dekat me and cousins. And each cost only 50sen which bonda bought in divi mall, manila. So i wajib pegi situ :)

Buying barang2 macam souvenirs, wedding gifts and boxes are cheap too, kata my bonda. So, manalah tau.... Hahah just incase, walaupon my trip tak sampai seminggu, wajib bawak luggage besar. Just incase.

I'm attending a conference in Manila. Since it's a funded trip, maka i don't worry much kalau excess baggage pun haahahahaha. One thing i hope, hope and hope--- time pls be kind to me.

Til then! Love

ps: anyone dah pernah pegi manila, any suggestion where i shud go? Do share :) BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


  1. nope, but i do have lots friends of philipines..
    their english better, but in slang of english-spanish.. hihi.. kene clearly speak to them..

  2. Joo: haha harus i pun bunyi R lebih nanti. Huhu im looking for interesting places or sumthing unique to do a special report but dont know wer...

  3. x sabar nak tunggu cerita balik nanti..hurmmm ok gak kan klu sesekali pegi manila..

  4. babe... kat manila kain french lace sangat murah...

  5. hai :)..i saw u last night ...n ure so beautiful :))